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Youth Group

Youth in grades 6-12 are welcomed to be part of our Youth Group.  Our 6th-7th grade is in one group, and our 8th-12th graders are in another: however we do meet at the same time.  Youth Group is a safe-haven; a place where our young people actually WANT to go to learn, pray, and grow spiritually in community with one another. 


As part of Youth Group, we have a duty to mold and disciple our youth into productive, responsible, and evangelistic young adults.  Our one desire is to bring them into a personal relationship with the person of Jesus Christ so they can spread the good news to others!  


Investing in the youth ministry area of our Church and providing them a safe-haven of acceptance and unconditional love is crucial.  More and more of these teens come to our Church on their own in search of family, support, and sound direction.  It is the responsibility of our Church to take advantage of every opportunity to touch the lives of these young people. 


We typically meet 2 Wednesdays out of the month from 6-8pm in the former CAPS Building.  We also take part in activities and events in the Church community, as well as attend retreats, and have FUN TOO! 



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