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Ushers | Greeters

Greeters and ushers fulfill an important role in the life of any church and parish. How a church is perceived is very often the result of the presence, or lack of a spirit of hospitality and warmth encountered in initial meetings with members of the congregation. When an usher or greeter is helpful and welcoming a visitor, or a potential new member, experiences the presence of Christ in that moment. 


By their kindness, ushers and greeters manifest the love of the faith community they represent. In addition, from opening doors and helping individuals to gain entrance to the church or a pew, ushers are responsible for collecting the weekly donations from parish members and for returning the church to good order before they leave.

Ushers and greeters need to know the church well and be prepared to answer questions or handle emergency situations should they arise. To become an usher/greeter, please contact the parish office or speak to anyone volunteering as an usher in one of our three parishes.

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