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93rd Annual St. Rita's Street Fair

St. Rita Parish Street Fair is set for JUL 15, 16, and 17, from 5:30-10 each evening. Following 4pm Mass on SAT, process from the church to the festival grounds with the Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There will be special entertainment every night, plus fireworks on SAT.

Volunteers are also needed on MON, JUL 12 starting at 8:30am to organize supplies for the Fair set-up.

Please return your ticket stubs plus $30 if you purchase all the tickets. Be sure your name and phone # are on the stubs. You may drop them in the collection basket or take them to the DeVivo Centre. Additional tickets are available at the office.

Donations are being accepted to help defray food costs. Cash, or checks payable to St. Rita and marked “food fair donation”, can be put in the collection basket or given directly to Rita Pratt.

There will be a basket raffle for the Fair. Donations of themed baskets can be dropped off at Bucci Hall on MON/TUE, JUL 12/13 from 5-7pm. Monetary donations can still be put in the collection basket this SUN, in an envelope marked "St. Rita Festival Basket Raffle”. Please call Patty Merendino at 628-4051 with any questions.

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