LAST CALL! Time is running out for family and business ads for the commemorative Immaculate Conception Sesquicentennial book. The ads will help defray the cost of the printing. They also provide an opportunity to share family/parish pictures and memories. This will hopefully become a TREASURED keepsake for future generations!

Please drop off your ad material at DeVivo Centre. If you need a form contact the office (628.6840) and one will be emailed to you. If you have any questions please contact Stefano Printing at 277.8274.

SAINT ALOYSIUS LANDSCAPING: The parish “Angel Team” responsible for the BEAUTIFUL landscaping wants to publicly thank the following businesses for their donations:





We encourage parishioners (and other friends!) to patronise these generous businesses!

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: Last week, after only one night of VBS, I wrote about what a success it was. Those words proved true for the entire week! The Fayette County Fair seemed to have impacted attendance slightly the last two nights but overall everything was PHENOMENAL! We had the biggest showing YET. (I deliberately chose that word, trusting that we will grow and grow and grow with each passing year!) Thanks to Mary Sampey, Lisa Andursky (Mary’s FANTABULOUS - but oft-unsung - behind- the-scenes doer-and-fixer) and their INCREDIBLE team of adult and youth volunteers. What truly AMAZES me is the help that comes from people who even’t OUR parishioners! It seems that far and wide people realise that the SPIRIT is A-MOVIN’ in the Jewel of the Yough and its Dunbar-Dawson-Leisenring-and its Dunbar-Dawson-Leisenring-West Leisenring suburbs!!!!!!

COVER PHOTO: As I continue my seemingly NEVER-ENDING research into the early history of Catholicism in the Jewel of the Yough I have made contact with descendants of John McGrath, one of the first and most prominent Catholic residents of Connellsville. Ellie Lieb, his last DIRECT descendant (at least as far as I can ascertain), left town a few years ago and moved to Montana. As I sought to connect others to him, descendants I assumed to be nieces/nephews (with a few “greats” preceding) I eventually was put in touch with a great great grand-daughter of James who had a wealth of information on the family, including the portrait of James McGrath that is featured on this week’s bulletin cover. She also provided the “missing link” that verified my hunch about the above mentioned nieces and nephews. As I suspected our recently-deceased eldest parishioner Polly Trump was a great great niece of James McGrath, the great granddaughter of his brother Dr. Francis McGrath of Pittsburgh. THAT story is full of tragedy and I feel awful that I didn’t have the opportunity to share all that I learned with Polly.

The photo of Mr. McGrath comes from the book “Members of the Veteran’s Association, Pittsburgh Division, Pennsylvania Railroad” published in 1902. I assume that the date refers to when he became a member of that organisation as it clearly is NOT the date the photo was taken (he would have only been in his early 20s in 1857).


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