March 18, 2019


ONE PROUD-ALMOST EMBARRASSED!-PAPA: Last Sunday the Rite of Election was celebrated by Bishop Malesic at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Greensburg. This liturgy marks the beginning of the final phase of preparation for those who at the Easter Vigil will be baptised (Catechumens) and Christians of other denominations who will be received into the Catholic Church and completed their Christian initiation with the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation (Candidates).


At the 9:30 Mass we celebrated the Rite of Sending. The Catechumens were called forth and each signed the Book of the Elect. And then the Catechumens and Candidates were liturgically “sent” to the Bishop. At the Cathedral the Catechumens were each individually presented to the Bishop, who after greeting each parish’s (or partner parish grouping’s) delegation signed the Book of the Elect. From this point the Catechumens are now officially called Elect because the community has “elected” them for Baptism. Following the reception of the Catechumens the candidates are presented individually to the Bishop.


I was certainly proud of the adults and children of Our Lady, Queen of the Yough who made the decision to become part of the Catholic Church. But I am also proud of this community which consistently, year after year, welcomes a large number of new Catholics. As the Catechumens were being presented nearly all the parishes who had any to present introduced ONE. When Mary came to the mic the names just kept coming. And the other priests turned their gaze to ME. Not liking to be the centre of attention, I was a tad bit embarrassed. But proud as HECK! When Mary finally finished, NINE Catechumens had been presented to the Bishop! The situation was similar when it came time for the Candidates to be presented. One or two parishes presented FOUR (again most had ONE) but Mary rattled off SIX names. What a POWERFUL testament to the work of the Holy Spirit here in the greater Jewel of the Yough area!


COVER PHOTO: Please keep our Elect and Candidates in prayer as they complete the final leg of their journey! I would encourage you to clip out this listing of our 15 soon-to-be Catholics so that you can pray for them by name


Bryson Brown
Hunter Brown
Landen Brown
Yamdee Collins
Alexander Crouse
Kimberly Crouse
Olivia Crouse
Ruby Geyer
Lisa Jones


Karen Campbell
Jessica Gaffney
Thomas Jones
Adam Morgan
Amy Vinoverski
Holli Zavatchan



A SPECIAL RCIA SHOUT OUT: This year we have two hearing-impaired individuals entering the Church (husband and wife). We are blessed with a parishioner, Cindy Hanzes, who is a gifted signer and she has been with the couple through the process. She graciously went to the Cathedral and signed the entire hour and a half liturgy for them. THANK YOU!


Another beautiful aspect to this couple’s story: In 2017 their daughter became Catholic and last year his parents followed suit. I’ve heard the term “chain migration” thrown around by politicians; this is an example of “chain conversion”


ASH WEDNESDAY: Last week I wrote that we moved the Saint Rita Mass from its normal 8am slot to 7pm in order to have the Junior and Senior Youth Groups attend en masse. It proved a wise choice; as you can see we had a nice showing that evening! Please pray that our young people may be ON FIRE for the Lord!




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