AND THE MONEY KEPT ROLLING IN … One of the catchy tunes from the ONLY musical I really like - Evita - is entitled “And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)." It details Eva Duarte de Peron’s Foundation and her ability to get people to “donate” to the cause. The song comes to mind as I think about the response the Grand ol’ Lady has received in her hour of need.

Up until now I have just been guesstimating based on the numbers we were given five years ago. Moments ago I received the actual quote for digitalising the organ - $94,000. The reason the above mentioned song keeps popping in my head is that, as of this moment, I have $50,798 donated/pledged for this project. And I haven’t even ASKED for money yet! God is GOOD (and so are his holy people here in the Jewel of the Yough)! Can I here an AMEN!!

COVER PHOTO: Last Saturday Waters House was filled with fun and frivolity as the Immaculate Conception Sesquicentennial Committee hosted an evening of Chocolate, Cheese and Wine. Commemorative boxed Colebrook chocolates and commemorative labeled Vinoski Vineyard wines were available for sale. These items will continue to be sold through the course of our anniversary year.

The committee was pleased with the turnout. I, Father “It’s-neverbig-enough-for-ME, on the other hand, was disappointed that my house was not packed WALL-TO-WALL with revellers. In the days following I heard multiple people say that they were UNAWARE that this was even taking place. Hmmmmm … That’s odd, I thought, considering that it had been advertised in the bulletin multiple times. And SURELY everyone reads the bulletin cover-to-cover every single week!

In the final analysis I must take the blame. I SHOULD have created a Facebook post and asked people to share it. That would have spread the word far and wide. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Hopefully I have learned my lesson!

My thanks to the committee for all their hard work. An especial thanks to a couple of individuals from other parishes - namely Renée Soberdash (Saint John) and Gina Lembo (Saint Rita) - who volunteered their time and talent to help make the evening SPLENDID!

MARDI GRAS: Unfortunately because Easter falls so late this year we ran into multiple scheduling conflicts that precluded having a community-wide Mardi Gras celebration. Geibel had already picked that date for the annual auction as the usual after-Easter date conflicted with a diocesan event. That weekend is also the weekend for Connellsville Area High School’s production of Les Misérables. (Don’t miss it!) And finally our DJ/Karaoke Host, His Honour Greg Lincoln, is committed to the Geibel affair and thus we would have had to scramble for entertainment. We had briefly considered Friday, but in addition to the CAHS musical conflict, most of the volunteers who make the Mardi Gras happen work and thus wouldn’t have the time necessary to set up. But do NOT worry! We will be back better than ever next year, as Easter isn’t as late and we won’t be facing all these conflicts.

CHILDREN'S MARDI GRAS: Although we had to cancel the Adult celebration this year there WILL be a Mardi Gras party on Wednesday 27 February at Saint Aloysius for ALL pre-K through fifth grade children of the four parishes and their families. I hope to see the social hall bursting at the seams with young revellers!


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