February 17, 2019



DADDY! DADDY! WHAT ABOUT US?!: I feel a bit like a parent with a sick child to whom I have had to devote all my attention. Inevitably, the neglected ones will start hanging on legs, tugging on my shirt, and through tears cry out “Daddy! Daddy! What about US?! Now why, pray tell, would I feel like THAT? For a very simple reason. For three weeks I droned on and on in this space about IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and their (VERY, VERY) sick “Grand ol’ Lady. If a casual reader unfamiliar with the bigger context had read ONLY the last three Rambles and Raves they very well might think I have but ONE parish to shepherd!


Mind you, I have NOT heard of anyone complaining that I devoted too much space to one parish at the expense of the others, but it IS time to turn my focus elsewhere. So without further ado I am DELIGHTED to write about...


MORÁVEK HALL’S NEW FLOOR...AND MORE! Recently the social hall at Saint John the Evangelist Church received a beautiful new floor.


The old tile floor, once lovely I’m sure, had seen better days. But MORE up-dating is definitely (read: DESPERATELY) needed. (The 1970’s called and want their paneling back!) Last week at Saint John’s Finance Council meeting we decided to paint the paneling to lighten up the space. A wonderful (and CHEAP!) way to completely transform a space. Best of all (at least for ME!) it will provide yet another gallery space for my attempts at “art.” I haven’t wanted Saint John parishioners to feel that I didn’t deem them worthy of the “Fr. Bob Originals” treatment!


A special thanks to the Special Ks (our in-house term of endearment for the indomitable Kostelnik sisters Toni and Stephanie) and Judy Keller who have taken the lead in choosing colours and making this project HAPPEN! This is something I have wanted to see for YEARS; I am BEYOND thrilled to see it happen!


CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY? Last month was another GREAT month as far as ordinary income. All three of the Connellsville parishes were in the BLACK. That is AWESOME news! Hopefully February will continue that trend. Three straight months in the black would make a POWERFUL statement!


Unfortunately Saint Aloysius didn’t have its own repeat of December but I have every confidence that the financial situation there will continue to improve. To that end, I once again invite any former parishioners who transferred their membership these last years to CONSIDER changing back. No matter at which parish you regularly worship you can choose to direct your giving to ANY of the four.


GRAND OL’ LADY UPDATE: What I wrote above not withstanding, I felt I HAD to give an update, considering that last Sunday I received two more cheques. One for $250 and one for FIVE GRAND (for those unfamiliar with American slang that’s FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS). I firmly believe that by our sesquicentennial Mass in September the church will be filled with the melodious sounds of the Grand ol’ La-dy’s worthy successor. Can I hear an AMEN!


MOLLI VASSAR’S EAR: We have on staff here in the Jewel of the Yough a woman who has earned the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for Spiritual Direction. Well, there may be no such “seal” BUT she has earned Bishop Malesic’s “seal of approval.” Having undergone the requisite training at Saint Vincent Seminary she has been certified as a Spiritual Director in the Diocese of Greensburg. This means that she is available to listen to and guide individuals struggling with questions such as “What are the events of my life telling me?”; “What does God want from me?”; “Am I doing God’s will or my own?”; “How do I deep-en my spiritual life?”; etc. etc. etc.


Molli is available at her Brady Centre office (at Saint Aloysius) at NO COST (this is a ministry of our community) for anyone in need of such guidance/direction. For a variety of reasons some may not feel comfortable talking with a priest; thus it is truly a blessing to have a trained lay woman like Molli available for our parishioners. Please feel free to call her at 366-9552.


COVER PHOTO: Sunset at Saint Aloysius, after 5pm Mass on Saturday 2 February. Edited by me (of course!) for dramatic effect.




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