December 16, 2018

CASH BASH IN DUNBAR: A fortnight ago Saint Aloysius had a very suc-cessful Cash Bash fundraiser. So successful, in fact, that they were running out of seats for people! At least that's what I was told;
unfortunately I was unable to make it. Try as I might I haven't yet mastered the art of bi-location! (I was at an event at which Nick Bell's Geibel Showstoppers were performing.)


I want to thank Tony Bartok, a parishioner of Saint Mary in Union-town and a friend of Father Micah. He had organised Cash Bashes for Father at Saint Mary and continued to do so for him at Saint Aloysius. When I wrote him asking if he would be willing to do the same for Saint Al's new Pastor he graciously acceded to the request. Yet another example of promoting harmony in the Body of Christ through a willingness to work together for the good of the greater Church, not merely one's own parish. I praise Almighty God for the gift of such people!


Additionally I owe a debt of gratitude to Kathy Andolino who took charge of the event and the incredible team of volunteers she gathered: Joe and Keirsten Andolino (her husband and daughter), Joy Wallace, Tammy Nedrow, Jessica and Joe Tabaj, Janet Hustosky, Tanya Bordas, Pam Herron, Jane and Dan Laurion, Marylynn Pounds, Dave and Sue Ballard, and Anna Marie Baird.


Last, but certainly not least, Father Dan did a WONDERFUL job standing in my stead as number-announcer and social butterfly ... and he brought Father Julius to share in the fun! I truly appreciate all he does to support the constant stream of activities taking place in our VERY ACTIVE community.


Bottom line is that we cleared about 4K that will go to reducing our debt. Can I hear an Amen!




COOKIES AND PIROHI! Last Saturday the Jewel hosted two ethnic food extravaganzas: Saint Rita's Christmas cookie sale and Saint John's Slovak food sale. Unsurprisingly both were SMASHING successes. As Pastor I am INCREDIBLY proud of and thankful for the hard work of the dedicated parishioners who SLAVE away in the kitchens to insure that these beautiful traditions continue. Dio vi benedica! Boh teba žehnaj!


CONNELLSVILLE AUXILIARY POLICE SEZ: At Immaculate Conception Church, ESPECIALLY in the dark at 6pm Mass, PLEASE cross Crawford Avenue at the crosswalk. It is DANGEROUS out there. Remember a parishioner, Tom Vinoski (may he rest in peace), was killed crossing the street before Mass three years ago. That tragic incident was the impetus for Father Dan's brilliant idea to have the Auxiliary Police assist with traffic.


Trust me, I NEVER want to bury another parishioner who died crossing the street!!!





Gaudete Sunday, the coming of the Lord is nigh! The rose colour traditionally associated with the third Sunday of Advent symbolically derives from mixing the adventian violet with white, always the colour of JOY in the Church. Soon and very soon, brothers and sisters, SOON and VERY SOON!





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