THANKSGIVING: This past Thursday we celebrated the uniquely American feast of Thanksgiving, a secular holiday thoroughly DRENCHED in and STUFFED with religious yumminess. However, due to an early holiday bulletin deadline I am actually writing this an entire week PRIOR to TurkeyThursday. Thus you are reading this AFTER the holiday and I am writing it WELL BEFORE. We are ALL disoriented here! Hopefully you will bear with me.

As It SHOULD for all of us, this holiday prompts me to reflect on - and give thanksgiving for - the many, many blessings with which I have been showered. This week I thought I would devote this space to sharing some of my "thanksgivings" with you.

First and foremost I am thankful that Christ is indeed KING (the Liturgical Feast we are celebrating today). Furthermore I am thankful that this all-powerful King snatched me from the clutches of atheism and took me to Himself, making me His own. And even though I am FAR from a perfect disciple, without his intervention in my life I can only imagine (as in a NIGHTMARE) where I would be today.

I am INCREDIBLY thankful for the staff I have in Connellsville. I would be totally LOST (and I would bedragging all yinz with me n'at!) if these fine people didn't have my back. I was further blessed halfway through this year when I inherited an equally competent staff at Saint Aloysius. And I would be remiss if I didn't express my thanks to THEM for accepting me (and all my strange, weird, downright BIZARRE ways).

Fr. Dan 1.0 has been a true blessing for nearly three years now. His attention to detail is a well-needed balance to my "fly-by-the-seat-of- my-pants" approach. Fr. Dan 2.0, for a very brief time (TOO BRIEF if you ask me!), was definitely a reason for me to give thanks. And now I am EXTREMELY thankful that the Diocese has kept its word and sent me a second Parochial Vicar in the person of Fr. Julius. I am looking forward to the blessing that HE will be to me and to you!

And finally I am MORE than thankful for YOU, the parishioners of the four parishes which comprise Our Lady, Queen of the Yough Catholic Community. Without your LOVE for your parishes and (more importantly) your love for the CHURCH, and (MOST importantly) your love for JESUS, my efforts here would be utterly useless. THANK YOU!!!!

(I ran out of stuff to say - a miracle I know! - and Karen needed more "words" to fill out the column so I wrote an unusually WORDY account of how I arrived at the cover photo. NOT that anyone would/should care!)

COVER PHOTO: I scrolled through my photos looking for an appropriate Christ the King image and settled upon a pic I had taken some months back at Saint Bernard's Church in Mount Lebanon. Although technically not showing Christ enthroned as King, I thought that the worshipping angels at His feet adequately implied the concept of "kingship." I then - OF COURSE - "played around with" (i.e. edited) the image until it suited my fancy. The original, uncropped and unedited shot IS nicer, but I wanted to focus on Christ. Finally, I looked up my favourite logo-making program for something a bit different.


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