Easter Judgments: Welcoming All in Christ The Woman at the Well: Thirsting for Truth

No matter who we are, we all make judgments. No one is immune. Unfortunately, some judgments are necessary in the world we live in...

MOST are not.

I cannot tell you how many times my family judged my sister Angela, especially on holidays such as Easter. Every single get together, without fail, Angela would be late. When she finally would show up, kids in tow, we would usually make some sort of snarky comment or joke. Being from an extremely dry humored family, Angela took this with all the grace in the world. She also knew, however, how to give it right back to us. I remember there were many times in which my sister would make fun of me, put me down, or make sure to make herself appear to be the more competent and “put together” sister. Often, my friends would say to me, “Why do you help your sister…she is not very nice to you.”

Now that my sister has passed away, I can honestly say that I never ONCE regret helping, talking, or being there for my sister when she needed me…even though at the time it was often inconvenient and very hurtful. What I do regret, however, are the times that I judged her. Instead of understanding how stressed out, broken, or lonely she was, I only poked fun at the fact that she was often late. In THOSE moments, I was judging her.

Judgment creates a line, and that line is labeled smarter than, better than, more righteous than, or holier than the person who needs help.

Help knows no line. It only knows how to help.

We should be stepping into someone else's world not to judge them, but to help them.

This Easter, who are you judging? Is it the visitor to our parish on Easter morning who is “taking your seat?” Is it the Mom and Dad with little children who are “disrupting” Mass? Is it the family member who hasn’t been to Mass for a long time? Is it the family member who you wish could simply “get their act together?”

We need to take a step back, look in the mirror, and challenge ourselves to be meeting those whom we judge where they are. Instead of making a judgment, we should rather be asking, “How could I serve this person as if he/she were Jesus?”

Jesus’ saving act on the cross was for ALL sinners, including YOU and ME. He already KNEW the times in which we would fail. Instead of judging US (and he would have been completely justified in doing so), He forgave and died for us; not because we deserved to be forgiven, but simply because He loved us.

His rising to new life teaches us that anyone’s pain and brokenness can be redeemed as long as someone is willing to HELP SAVE them. Consider the ways in which you could surrender your judgments in order to help redeem someone else.

Here are some ways that YOU can encounter Christ in our Church family…

Foundations of Faith: Each month we come together to encounter Christ and each other. Through dinner and table fellowship, small group discussion, and powerful witness talks, we hope to develop authentic disciples of Jesus Christ who possess a true sense of family and community. This endeavor is for the entire parish; including babysitting, Prek-6 break out groups, and all Adults.

Mission 119 and Bible Discovery Packs: A new way to encounter the Word of God. Adults use an App and meet once a month for community building, while children will take “packs” of crafts and activities home to help make the Bible come to life.

Children’s Liturgy: At the 9:30 and 11:30 Mass, we engage our youngest members to learn more about the Word of God. Our youth also take a children’s bulletin home. We also have a library in all 3 of our Churches in which Children can check out books.

Vacation Bible School: Save the date for June 25th-29th from 6-8pm at Geibel Catholic!

Youth Group: Grades 7-12 meet twice a month in our Youth Apartment: “The 153.” This is not merely a “fun” meeting space, it is a safe-haven where our youth actually want to go to learn, pray, and grow spiritually in community with one another.

RCIA : Interested in becoming Catholic? We already have 10 inquirers for next year. I would love to talk to you!

Christ’s peace and our Mother Mary’s love,

Mary Sampey


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