Affected by a loved one's addiction? Nar-Anon offers hope for relatives and friends of addicts. Open to the public.

July 31, 2017

Affected by a loved one’s addiction?  Nar-Anon offers HOPE for relatives and friends of addicts. 



Please join us every Wednesday beginning September 6th at St. John the Evangelist, Connellsville Social Hall from 7-8:30pm.  Open to the public.


What is Nar-Anon?

Nar-Anon is a twelve step self-help program offering recovery and support for families and friends of addicts.  The Nar-Anon Family Group is for those who have known a feeling of desperation due to the addiction problem of someone close to them.  This includes those who have already lost someone due to an addiction. 


Nar-Anon helps families and friends of addicts learn the following:

Addiction is a family disease

Those closes to the addicts are deeply affected

Families and friends can also benefit from a recovery program


Nar-Anon offers tools for coping with these issues:

Isolation from feeling misunderstood by family and friends

Guilt, shame, and embarrassment brought on by legal consequences of addiction

Lack of trust and financial uncertainty

Manipulation and victimization


Group Meetings:

Will be held every Wednesday beginning September 6th at St. John the Evangelist, Connellsville Social Hall from 7-8:30pm

To join, simply attend a meeting- there are no dues or fees

This group is open to the public - Nar-Anon is a spiritual program, not a religious one 

Confidence of anonymity are respected by Nar-Anon members

Members bond and learn through sharing their experience, strength, and hope

Meetings are a safe place to share


Nar-Anon members can learn how to do the following:

Recognize and avoid manipulation or control by another person

Allow the addicts to accept their own responsibilities

Not prevent or provoke a crisis

Stop making excuses, covering up, or taking the blame for others

Care enough not to care-take

Have compassion and not be personally offended by the addict

Those who have lost someone due to an addiction will learn that they are not alone


Nar-Anon can open the door to peace and serenity to those closest to the addict.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Sampey at the parish office. 724-628-6840 ext. 108 or email at  Please share this information!  A very special thank you to IC parishioner Pat Rose for reaching out and offering to lead this Nar-Anon group. 

To those who have not been personally affected by the drug epidemic: The psychological implications of losing someone to addiction are already difficult enough.   Please have compassion to those of us who have lost someone, and for those families and friends struggling at this very moment with an addict.  Prayer and education are two very powerful ways that we could ALL show our love and support. Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers to my family after the loss of my sister. It is my hope that through the Nar-Anon group, anyone going through a similar experience will find the support that I have in all of you.


Christ’s peace and our Mother Mary’s love, Mary Sampey

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