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Godparent Guidelines

The Catholic partner parishes of Connellsville value the role that godparents play in the life of your child. As representatives of our faith, they are entrusted with the privilege and responsibility of helping your child to grow in the Catholic faith. While it is natural to want to ask family and friends to be godparents, it is more important that these individuals be men and women who love and practice their faith. We ask that you please be aware of the following requirements for Catholic godparents before asking someone to serve in this capacity.


Qualifications/requirements for a Catholic to serve as a godparent


1.     The godparent must be a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church who has received the sacraments of baptism, holy Eucharist and confirmation.

2.     The godparent cannot be the mother or the father of the one to be baptized.

3.     The godparent must be at least 16 years of age.

4.     The godparent must be a practicing Catholic, who is registered in a parish, attends Mass on Sundays and holy days, receives the sacraments on a regular           basis and contributes to the church as one is able.

5.     If married, the sponsor must have followed the laws of the church concerning marriage.

6.     The godparent cannot be bound by a canonical penalty.


Our diocese continues the practice of requiring proof of eligibility for sponsorship (in accord with the qualifications above) from the parish in which the sponsor is registered.

The number of godparents

  1. Only one godparent is required for baptism.

  2. If, two godparents are chosen one must be male and the other female.

  3. The second sponsor may be a Christian Witness (i.e., a non-Catholic Christian may fulfill this role).

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