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Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound

One of the largest and most important ministries within our partner parishes is the sharing of holy Communion with those individuals who are homebound or living in nursing and personal care homes. Like most parishes in western Pennsylvania, our churches have many elderly and infirm members who cannot attend regular Sunday Masses. 

Many of these individuals have been active, lifelong members of the parish and miss participating in the liturgy. Eucharistic ministers to the homebound help to fill that gap. Through the sharing of the word of God and holy Communion, the minister now “carries” the care of the parish family to the homebound and sick. 

Eucharistic ministers may choose to visit one or two individuals, or take communion to larger numbers of residents in a nursing home or personal care home facility. 


Training is provided and ministers are usually matched to someone in their immediate locale. To volunteer to serve as a minister to the homebound, please contact Sister Donna Mulligan.

This is a most important and very spiritually rewarding ministry.

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