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Child Baptism

Infants and Children under the age of seven

Baptism is a time of special joy and blessing and it can serve as a reminder to us that we are called to renew and deepen our faith in the Paschal Mystery by participating in the Churches liturgy, by daily prayer and works of charity. We are very pleased that you are considering having your child baptized at one of three parishes: Immaculate Conception, St. John the Evangelist or St. Rita. The celebration of a child’s baptism is a joyful event for your family, relatives, friends as well as our parish community. 


The preparation class will include the topics: Why we baptize infants, how to prepare for the baptism, the baptism service, as well as other important issues such as godparents.  We look forward to meeting your child and welcoming into our family of faith!! 


To arrange for a baptism, please contact our parish office. Director of Evangelization Mary Sampey will be happy to meet with you to discuss the baptism and/or answer any questions you might have. 


Baptisms are celebrated in our parishes immediately after any of our weekend Masses by one of our parish priests or our parish deacon. Baptisms are not celebrated during the Lenten season or holy week (Holy Thursday, Good Friday or Easter Saturday).  

*Please note that in the event of an extreme emergency, a baptism may be celebrated at anytime. Please contact our parish office or the hospital chaplain’s office to request a priest. 


Preparation Classes


Before a baptism will be celebrated, parents must attend one of the baptism preparation classes.  You may attend the class before or after the birth of your child.  Godparents are also strongly encouraged to attend the classes. 

Please be sure to review the godparent guidelines before asking someone to serve in this role.

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