Saint Rita Festival

Dear Festival Volunteer, In preparation of the 92nd Annual St. Rita Festival, we want you to know that we are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the United States and our community. Due to the unpredictability of this pandemic, we will make a decision during May on whether the St. Rita’s Festival will function as originally planned for July 9th, 10th, and 11th, or postponed to a later date, or modified. We understand that this event is not just highly anticipated in our church, it is highly anticipated within our community. We ask for your continued prayers for those who are affected by this illness. We thank you for your dedicated support and we look forward

Print your worship aid

If you didn't print your worship aid yet, you can find it below. The booklet version of the worship aid is fancier but requires some assembly. The front-to-back version is easier and is better for electronic media. Mass of the Lord's Supper Single page version Booklet version The Passion of the Lord Single page version Booklet version The Easter Vigil Single page version Booklet version Easter Sunday Single page version Booklet version ​

How to Guide: Live-Streaming the Triduum

Worried about getting connected to our Triduum liturgies? Fr. Dan has your back. He explains in detail how to connect to our stream without stress and shares the resources that will help you worship well.


OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! PLEASE SHARE!! LIVE STREAM AT HOME: HOLY THURSDAY, GOOD FRIDAY, EASTER VIGIL AND EASTER SUNDAY FROM SAINT JOHN, CONNELLSVILLE HOW TO WATCH FROM HOME? VISIT... WHEN ARE THE LIVE STREAM VIDEOS? VISIT... HOW TO FOLLOW ALONG AT HOME? 1. worship aids will be available in your bulletins this weekend if you want to pick one up at all Church entrances in bins 2. digital worship aids available at

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