DIOCESAN LENTEN APPEAL: It’s that time of year. Again. Yes, the Bishop is asking for YOUR help. The Diocese of Greensburg (just like our parishes!) can’t function without the financial support of faithful (and even not-so-faithful!) Catholics. Unfortunately there is NOT an orchard of money trees growing in the fields at 723 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg. Let’s face it, if such trees can’t take root along the idyllic shores of the Youghiogheny they sure as heck ain’t gonna grow in the concrete jungle of Greensburg! Now WHY should I support the DIOCESE, you may ask. Why NOT, I retort! The Diocese is not some distant, alien entity over and above us. No, WE are the Diocese, each and every o

Idlewild Picnic – June 22nd 2019

We will meet for lunch at our pavilion at 11:30 a.m. Please bring your favorite covered side dish or dessert. Drinks, paper products, and fried chicken will be provided by our church. The pavilion will be available all day. The park is open from 10:30 a.m. until at least 8:00 p.m. Cost per ticket is $28.50. Children 2 and under are admitted free. Tickets are not just limited to our church family. You can purchase as many tickets as you would like. Tickets are non-refundable. If you can’t attend the picnic day, tickets can be redeemed on other days. Check Idlewild’s website for specific information. Return the completed form below along with payment by April 28th. Make checks payable to IC Ch


ONE PROUD-ALMOST EMBARRASSED!-PAPA: Last Sunday the Rite of Election was celebrated by Bishop Malesic at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Greensburg. This liturgy marks the beginning of the final phase of preparation for those who at the Easter Vigil will be baptised (Catechumens) and Christians of other denominations who will be received into the Catholic Church and completed their Christian initiation with the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation (Candidates). At the 9:30 Mass we celebrated the Rite of Sending. The Catechumens were called forth and each signed the Book of the Elect. And then the Catechumens and Candidates were liturgically “sent” to the Bishop. At the Cathedral the Catec


ASH WEDNESDAY MORNING MASS: There were undoubtedly questions as to why the 8am Mass was NOT at Saint Rita, given that Wednesday morning Mass is ALWAYS at Saint Rita. (There will be even MORE questions if there was a delay. I am desperately praying that did NOT happen - remember, I am writing at the beginning of the week - as everything would have been thrown into confusion.) We made this adjustment in the Mass schedule in order to accommodate the youth ministry, which was meeting that Wednesday evening at the former school building. The goal was to have the kids attend the Ash Wednesday Mass after having the junior and senior high sessions. To my mind ANYTHING we can do to encourage our youn


LENT: We are days away from entering into the “desert” of Lent. If you’ve been with us on that journey in the past you know that we make profound changes to the celebration of the Mass. Since the beginning of my priesthood I have been a FIRM believer that the Sacred Mysteries should reflect the particular Liturgical Season in which they are being celebrated. Thus, during Lent, the liturgy is much more austere whereas during Easter we pull out all the joyful stops. As an aid to those new to our community, particularly the parishioners of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga - and as a refresher for everyone else for whom this is old hat - this week’s bulletin features an insert offering a more in-depth exp

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