AND THE MONEY KEPT ROLLING IN … One of the catchy tunes from the ONLY musical I really like - Evita - is entitled “And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)." It details Eva Duarte de Peron’s Foundation and her ability to get people to “donate” to the cause. The song comes to mind as I think about the response the Grand ol’ Lady has received in her hour of need. Up until now I have just been guesstimating based on the numbers we were given five years ago. Moments ago I received the actual quote for digitalising the organ - $94,000. The reason the above mentioned song keeps popping in my head is that, as of this moment, I have $50,798 donated/pledged for this project. And I haven’t even ASKED f


DADDY! DADDY! WHAT ABOUT US?!: I feel a bit like a parent with a sick child to whom I have had to devote all my attention. Inevitably, the neglected ones will start hanging on legs, tugging on my shirt, and through tears cry out “Daddy! Daddy! What about US?! Now why, pray tell, would I feel like THAT? For a very simple reason. For three weeks I droned on and on in this space about IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and their (VERY, VERY) sick “Grand ol’ Lady. If a casual reader unfamiliar with the bigger context had read ONLY the last three Rambles and Raves they very well might think I have but ONE parish to shepherd! Mind you, I have NOT heard of anyone complaining that I devoted too much space to one


GRAND OL’ LADY UPDATE: Last week I wrote that we had some possible good news in regards to the IC organ. Unfortunately plans didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. As to be expected in such an endeavour some difficulties emerged in an originally well-laid plan. But have no fear! The individuals involved have proposed an equally-generous Plan B. And this plan likewise promises to cover a nice chunk of the expense involved in replacing the guts of the Grand ol’ Lady with shiny new DIGITAL (note, Bob Broderick, that I have learnt my lesson!) innards. In addition, several unbidden cheques found their way into my hands this past week - two for one HUNDRED and one for one THOUSAND United States dollars.


CORRECTION: Bob Broderick, the Grand Ol’ Lady’s “significant other”has informed me that I made a HUGE, TREMENDOUS, GINORMOUS, EARTH-SHATTERING error in last week’s column whilst speaking of his mistress. I reported that, considering the astronomical cost of a new pipe organ, our hope was to replace the “innards” of the esteemed instrument with an ELECTRONIC organ. Well, in my complete and utter ignorance, I said something RIDICULOUSLY STUPID. Only a total and complete FOOL would want to do THAT! What I SHOULD have said is that we hope to replace the “innards” with a DIGITAL organ. Apparently, to paraphrase the Scottish SNL character from days gone by, “If it’s not, DIGITAL, it’s CRAP! Pleas

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