Financial Matters

FINANCIAL MATTERS: Many in the community, but certainly not all, know that prior to entering the seminary I graduated Penn State (not that other local fave whose moniker is something akin to "the pits") with a business degree. But - obviously - God called me in an entirely different direction and I WILLINGLY turned my back on the world of business. Imagine my chagrin (ESPECIALLY on becoming a Pastor!) when I realised how much of my time is consumed with business matters (raising capital, managing employees, facilities management, budgeting resources, capital improvements, signing cheques to name but SOME of them). And WITHOUT A DOUBT the business side is the absolute LEAST favourite aspect o

Parish Mission

PARISH MISSION: I am happy to welcome the Reverend Monsignor Roger Statnick, a retired Diocese of Greensburg “mover and shaker” for our parish mission. His theme will be “Rediscovering Our Roots.” Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your faith! In addition to preaching most of the Masses this weekend (which I’m sure left you hungry for more!) Msgr. Statnick will give talks at 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday at Saint John the Evangelist Church and at 9am on Tuesday at Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Church (he will also be the cele-brant for the 8:30 Mass immediately preceding.) Since Msgr. Statnick has a teaching commitment on Tuesday evenings it seemed a perfect opportunity to offer a day-time sess


"CHAMPIN' AT THE BIT"? The caption on the front page of last week's bulletin engendered not a few debates."Is Fr. Bob ILLITERATE?" some have asked in astonishment. All this can only mean that it is time for GRAMMAR LESSONS! When I sent the cover to (Oscar winning) Karen Tweardy with the text "CHOMPIN' at the bit" she replied: Did you say CHOMPING at the bit on purpose? My understanding is that it is CHAMPING at the bit. Father Know It-All immediately deemed her WRONG and to prove his point consulted that great cyberspace knower-ofall- things Google so as to PROVE his superior intellect (NOT that he suffers from Pride or any of the other 7 DEADLY sins!). In the final analysis the dispute end


BULLETIN GROWTH! If you are - unlike me - OBSERVANT you will have noticed that last week's bulletin contained two extra pages. One page (the one you most likely noticed first) is devoted to additional advertisements. There are currently plenty of blank spaces BECAUSE we are doubling the amount of space for adverts; the bulletin company is currently soliciting new advertisers, including those who previously advertised in Saint Aloysius' bulletin. These pages are important as our advertisers actually allow the bulletin to be provided to us at NO COST. I truly appreciate all the businesses who have chosen to advertise and urge parishioners to patronize them in gratitude. Of course the expansio

Paying It Forward

PAYING IT FORWARD: Continuing the trend started by the Saint Rita Street Fair, the Saint John-Immaculate Conception Festival is "paying it forward." Recognizing that we aren't here just for our-selves, that we have a responsibility to the community beyond us, the Festival has donated $2,000 (a grand from each parish's profit) to worthy community causes. Wesley Health Center and Connellsville Area Community Ministries each received five hundred dollars. A Saint Aloysius family who lost their home in a fire this summer received one thousand dollars. I am extremely proud of the willingness of our parish leaders to share the blessings garnered through their "blood, sweat, and tears." Our fallen

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