Bishop Malesic invites you to join him at a Diocese of Greensburg Listening Session

Bishop Edward C. Malesic invites every member of the Diocese of Greensburg to join him at any one of the seven listening sessions where he will be present this fall. Bishop Malesic knows that the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and the events of the past few months have evoked a great deal of pain, sadness, confusion and uncertainty for the faithful of the Diocese of Greensburg. These seven upcoming gatherings are extremely important, enabling Bishop Malesic to be present to you, to listen to your concerns, and to respond to your questions. These sessions will give you the opportunity to express your feelings, observations and suggestions. Please attend one of these sessions with Bishop Males

Training for youth interested in becoming altar servers has been scheduled!

Training for youth interested in becoming altar servers has been scheduled! Altar serving is an important ministry through which youth take an active part in assisting at the Liturgy and helping everyone to pray better. It is a great privilege and responsibility through which servers get to be ‘near the action’ of what happens at Mass, be of service to our parish community, learn responsibility, and gain a deeper love and appreciation for our Catholic faith. If you are interested, please contact Fr. Daniel Ulishney. New servers come are asked to at least three of the following trainings, but may come to as many as they need to feel comfortable. If needed, more sessions may be scheduled. The

Bibiana Boerio a Latrobe Resident

COVER PHOTO: Bibiana Boerio, a Latrobe resident who happened to read Rambles and Raves when I wrote about Fr. Philip Brady, just happened to be the Saint Aloysius founder's great great niece. And since she knew that he had come to Holy Family in Latrobe (where I served as PV from 23 August 2005 to 5 July 2007) in 1898 she did some research and found this photograph of the good father. The material (from an old history of Holy Family parish) contained additional biographical information on Fr. Brady, info I had previously not known. Father Brady began life in far away Edgeworthstown, County Longford, Ireland, receiving his elementary training at the schools of his native place. He entered th


GOODBYE FATHER DAN 2.0! Sadly this is the last weekend we have Fr. Dan Carr with us. And my sadness is NOT just because I am losing a helper, not to be replaced until (hopefully!) the beginning of Advent. Fr. Dan was so much more than a mere "helper;" he became a true collaborator with me and the original Fr. Dan and an INCREDIBLE asset to Our Lady, Queen of the Yough. I was especially impressed with the various projects which he, on HIS OWN initiative (i.e. no one ASKED him!), undertook. In one of these he put his computer background to FANTASTIC use and created a database that allows us to easily search for parishioners across the four parishes without having to first know to WHICH parish

Children's Choir Begins New Season In October

Our Lady, Queen of the Yough Catholic Community Children's Choir begins its 2018-19 season with a rehearsal at 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, in Sciberras Hall, the social hall at Immaculate Conception, Connellsville. The choir, now in its seventh season, will begin visiting St. Aloysius Church in Dunbar in addition to the three Connellsville churches this year because of St. Al's inclusion in this faith community. Children from St. Aloysius in grades three through six are invited to join the choir as regular members; students in grades 7 through 12 may join as leaders of song and cantors. Of course, the same invitation is extended to children in the three Connellsville parishes of Immaculate Con


NEW CIBORIUM (AND MORE!) AT SAINT ALOYSIUS: At the beginning of my Pastorate in Dunbar I wrote about the need for a new Ciborium for use at the Altar. I further made clear that the "new" one I was using I had "borrowed" from Geibel as I had NO intention of needlessly adding to the parish's debt. Shortly after that Rambles and Raves column I received TWO gifts given for the purpose of acquiring something appropriate. The smaller gift (given by two non-parishioners who were moved by Saint Aloysius' plight!) allowed me to replace the PLASTIC lavabo (the bowl used for the washing of the priest's hands during the preparation of the gifts) with a MUCH more fitting crystal one. And since I had shop


MASS SCHEDULE CHANGE AT SAINT ALOYSIUS: As was announced at Masses last weekend, after Labour Day (the official end of summer, thus a good time for making changes) the weekend Masses at Saint Aloysius will be at 5pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. First, let me state that this was NOT a decision I undertook lightly; priests generally concede that the worst thing they can do to upset their congregations is to ELIMINATE a Mass and the second worst is to CHANGE a Mass schedule. Being an individual who DREADS any kind of conflict (perhaps my greatest character flaw) I have ZERO desire to do ANY-THING that would lead to people get angry with me! HOWEVER.... In my new position as pastor of FOUR par

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